General Meeting Presentations

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2022 Powerful Facility Energy Conference
Washington State's Clean Building Law, HB 1257
Demand Flexibility: CI Peak Load Shifting and Time of Day Rates Pilot
Measurement & Verification/Energy Auditing 
Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Cohorts
Education and Training for Building Jobs in the Roaring '20s
Identifying Opportunities for Operational Improvement
Smart & Healthy Buildings with Luminaire Level Lighting Controls
Hopeworks Station North: Energy Efficiency via Net Zero Design Goals

PDF 3-21-2022
2021 Utility Programs & Incentives presentation
Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish PUD, Seattle City Light
PDF 03-18-2021
Integrating Energy Efficiency Into Your Design
CLEAResult Puget Sound Energy Presentation
PDF 02-21-2020
2020 Economic Outlook
Anneliese Vance-Sherman, Ph.D., Regional Labor Economist, Employment Security Department
PDF 01-17-2020
Washington Clean Energy Testbeds Presentation
Michael Pomfret, Ph.D, Managing Director Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
PDF 10-22-2019
Solid-State Circuit Breaker Presentation
Presented by Douglas Ehlers, Atom Power
PDF 09-26-2019


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