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Denny Substation Private Tour

Registration Deadline: Tuesday April 14, 2020 ×

Denny Substation - Not your typical substation

Simply put, the Denny Substation is one of a kind. The design includes over 44,000 square feet of open space, on-site solar power, a heat recovery system to provide 100% of the required heating for many facilities within the substation, and many other sustainability features. The sustainability elements reinforce City Light's commitment to environmental stewardship and energy conservation. Join league members for a private tour highlighting equipment, operations, and grid modernization measures.


April 16th, 2020


11:30am to 1:00pm


Denny Substation
1250 Denny Way
Seattle, WA


Member Cost: $40.00 (includes GST)
Non-Member Cost: $50.00 (includes GST)

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