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Powerful Business Energy Conference


Jamil Aljasir (Glumac Inc.)

Retro commissioning 101 / Commissioning for Large Scale Savings an International Airport

Gretchen Weimer (Sno- Isle Food Co-op) and Brian Setiz (Buddy Platform)

The Accessibility of Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Xinpei Li (Kroger Co.)

Role, Opportunity, and Challenge of Energy Manager

Brian Rush (Sno-Isle Libraries)

Energy Management Sysems

Ken Packwood (SynRad, Inc.)

Strategic Energy Management

Jerry Ringenberg & Peter Vierthaler (Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue Management)

Electric Car Charging in Multi-Family Residential: Get Plugged In and Charged Up

Pete Segall (ATS Automation)

Missed Connections: Building Automation Retrofits & Maximizing Energy Savings

Jim Loewen (Seattle City Light)

David Broustis (King County Government)

King County Airport Terminal - HAVC Conversion to DOAS/VRF

Jami Marler (Transformative Wave)

"Is it really working?" - Results from ARC Field Experience

Chris Wolgamott (Consultant / NEEA)

Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Commercial Lighting in the Age of IoT

Mikki Kiger (Glumac Inc.)

Energy Savings through Enhanced Lighting Controls